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We do land clearing, tree services, mulching, and other related work for all kinds of people and entities. We're family owned and operated, licensed and insured, and we're skilled at what we do.

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Land Clearing and Tree Service Equipment

Our Most Popular Services

Fire Prevention / Forestry Mulching

Whether it's fire breaks, light forest clearing or large scale earth moving; we have the skill and tools to complete the job correctly.

Land Clearing / Site Prep

Land clearing and site preparation for a variety of applications is a large part of what we do. Our customers know who to call for site work.

Tree Removal

DLC can handle almost any tree project. From a half acre, up to hundreds of acres; we've got you covered! All you gotta do is message us.

Pasture / Land Restoration

Is your pasture or farm growing out of control? Our equipment allows us to reclaim your land with minimal impact to the terrain.

Material Hauling Services

With our triaxle dump trucks we can haul over 20 yards in a single load reducing the number of loads needed to complete your project, saving you money.

Grading / Related Services

With our heavy duty equipment we can have your grading project finished quickly with precision accuracy.

What Makes Us Different

Quality Work

We believe it's important to take the time to do the job right - the first time. So DLC strives to work quickly but also paying close attention to details; which provides the quality you expect to have.

Speed & Efficiency

We've invested in the latest / gratest equipment so we can be time efficient and effective. This means we can work faster and better than the average company, saving you valuable time and money.

Fully Licensed & Insured

DLC maintains all licensing and insurance coverages so you can rest assured that nothing will compromise our services to you.

Family Owned & Operated

DLC is a small family business. That means your business supports our family and our employee's families. Family is kind of a big deal around here.

Before & After Our Service

Check out our most commonly used CAT

This short video depicts some of the equipment we use!

Our CAT attachments ensure that we can complete your job in a timely, efficient way and with nearly zero breakdowns. Running the latest gear means you'll have a better end product.

Let DLC Help You Reclaim Your Land!